Social responsibilitiesESG responsibilities
ESG responsibilities

Wind Solar Energy LLC is committed to the highest standards regarding Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues.

The generation of renewable energy via wind and solar parks has a positive overall environmental impact via substituting electricity production from thermal power plants which cause substantial CO2 emissions.

In order to take into consideration environmental and social impacts associated with wind and solar power parks, WSE carries out Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) reports by an internationally accredited assessor company before construction of parks begin.

The EIA identifies and assesses environmental risks on avian and bat mortality, climate and microclimate, air environment, geological environment, water environment, soils, flora and fauna and protected objects. The EIA also anticipates potential social and community externalities associated with the projects.

The EIA for wind parks includes the following components:

  • Ornithology – potential disturbance to breeding birds; determine presence of officially protected avian species; passage and wintering birds; potential mortality from collision with wind turbines and other structures; behavioural displacement from important supporting, effects on free movement to and from roosting, feeding, nesting habitats; and effects from changes to forest structure and management within the wind farm area.
  • Noise – potential for effects on residential amenity from noise during construction and/or operation of the proposed development;
  • Ecology – potential effects on sensitive habitats through habitat loss, fragmentation and degradation; potential effects on protected species including mammals, fish and herptiles
  • Aviation – potential for physical obstructions to low flying aircraft; and potential for adverse effects on primary surveillance radar within radar line of sight.
  • Telecommunications – potential for interference with microwave communications links through physical obstruction.
  • Hydrology and Hydrogeology – potential effects on ground water dependent terrestrial ecosystems.