Management team
Management team
Nat Moser
Managing Director

Dr Moser has over 20 years’ experience working in investment in energy. This includes as an Analyst for Dart Management, the largest foreign equity investor into Russia in the 1990s, as a Senior Analyst for Pharos Financial Group, one of the most established investment management firms working in the FSU region in the 2000s, and as a Director of Poltava Energy, a company which successfully brought into production an oil and gas field in central Ukraine. He holds a BA and PhD from Manchester University, an MPhil from Oxford University, and completed a post-doc at University College London.

Vladimir Yatsyuk

Mr Yatsyuk has over 20 years’ experience working in business organisations in Ukraine including as a deputy head and head of several commercial departments. He has fulfilled the role of Deputy D irector or Director of several firms in grain trading and fuel retail businesses. He holds a degree in economics from Kiev State Economics University and has additional qualifications in budget planning and management of organisations.

Serhii Zanoza
Head of Financial Analysis and Planning Department

Mr Zanoza has over 15 years’ experience in financial analysis and modelling, including developing business plans, comparing the effectiveness of different strategies, analysis of cash flow and budgeting. He holds a Master’s in management from Kiev National Economic University.

Yevhen Tishchyk
Head of China Affairs Department

Mr Tishchyk has more the 5 years’ experience in dealing with Chinese and local enterprises in Ukraine. He provided customer support, interpreting work and translation for Chinese and Ukrainian companies in real estate and polyester fiber production. He holds a degree in Chinese from the University of Eastern World, and has an additional qualification from QingDao University, China.