Management team
Management team
Vladimir Yatsyuk

Mr Yatsyuk has over 20 years’ experience working in business organisations in Ukraine including as a deputy head and head of several commercial departments. He has fulfilled the role of Deputy D irector or Director of several firms in grain trading and fuel retail businesses. He holds a degree in economics from Kiev State Economics University and has additional qualifications in budget planning and management of organisations.

Serhii Zanoza
Head of Financial Analysis and Planning Department

Mr Zanoza has over 15 years’ experience in financial analysis and modelling, including developing business plans, comparing the effectiveness of different strategies, analysis of cash flow and budgeting. He holds a Master’s in management from Kiev National Economic University.

Daria Velizhanskaya
Director`s assistant

Mrs Velizhanskaya has 4 years experience in China, having studied Chinese, business and communications in Shenzhen & Beijing since 2016. She has broad experience in business and administration with experience at number of companies in these fields. She has HSK5 proficiency in Chinese language and holds a bachelors degree in Chinese in business and communication.